Question by  stef (26)

What do I need for a rock band?


Answer by  timerunning (805)

One thing that is vital for a rock band is members! You need a singer, drummer, bassist and guitar player for the main part of the band. Additional members could include a keyboard player or back-up singers! You also need money to get yourself started so you can put out a demo and get yourself heard!


Answer by  andrew (34)

you need a good singer a gutarist,a drumer,a bass gutar player and you have a rock band you may need a second gutarist to play solo while one plays lead and you need microphones and amps.


Answer by  Mystix (34)

You need 1 to 2 gutarists, a bass player a drummer and a singer. All the people must be on the same page and decide whether you will be covering other bands music or writing your own.


Answer by  Eric08 (23)

Rock bands typically consist of a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer, although someone could be a singer and play one of the instruments as well. You would need a microphone, an electric guitar, with an amp, bass and amp, and drums.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

You need a couple of people who can play guitar, a drummer, a pianist, a vocalist and at least one person in the group who can write good songs.

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