Question by  Mlyons04 (7)

What is the "Little Monsters" movie about?


Answer by  vadrfan99 (71)

This movie is about a boy named Kevin and a monster that comes from underneath his bed at night named Maurice. Maurice takes Kevin to the place where all the monsters live and throughout the movie, they learn about friendship and end up becoming best friends.


Answer by  Kevin81 (33)

Little Monsters stars Fred Savage in his youth. This movie is about a kid who is afraid of the monsters under his bed, he finds and befriends them.


Answer by  cac77 (111)

It is a comedy about a young boy named Ben that befriends a monster named Maurice that lives under his bed.


Answer by  movie2 (26)

A boy finds out that there is an entire monster world that exists under his bed, and the movie is about the adventures that occur there.

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