Question by  Marie (778)

How can I watch a Bollywood movie while in the USA?

I love Bollywood movies, yet I have a hard time finding them in the states, can you help me out?


Answer by  rol09 (44)

Find a theater by going to NowRunning, or by asking at your local theaters. DVDs can be very affordable online at stores like NehaFlix. Check your local library and request Bollywood! Also check local Indian grocery stores, or ask friends who might have advice. There's a huge Bollywood-loving community in the USA, so don't worry!


Answer by  atticusr5 (38)

Depending on where you live and which movie you want to see you have two major options. First, large Bollywood movies are available at blockbuster for renting. If not, go to a local Indian grocery store. These stores rent out all the newest Bollywood movies and you can rent them for cheap.


Answer by  bstaib (47)

One of the easiest options is to become a member of Netflix. They have many Bollywood movies available. You can also purchase a satellite package that includes Bollywood movies.


Answer by  jovial777 (37)

While you are in USA you should ask for Dish to Indian store. And you will get Indian Channel to watch Bollywood TV also Pl watch TVU on your internet.

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