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Question by  Diverse (25)

What is the labor cost to install a left rear window regulator in a Mercedes 230?

I need to compare labor rates with the dealership to that of a engine shop as I believe my dealership is ripping me off.


Answer by  sambcksby (7)

In India that would cost you RS.2500. If you are located in the United states it would cost around $60 and in the United kingdom it would cost approximately 21 pounds.


Answer by  ldhjr1 (7)

1966 230 Finback Sedan very old car, in PA the cost is $80.00 an hr and thats a 2 hr job at a cost of $160.00.


Answer by  SyNtEcH (108)

Well the regulator looks to be $70 online so $120 from stealership plus labor of about 6 hours about $270. Unless they want to do the motor too. $500 then.


Answer by  Diisruptor (249)

Dealerships are ALWAYS much more expensive on labor rates then your normal mechanic shop or glass shop. It also depends a lot on the area that you live in. The national average for labor rates is right around $75 per hour. Dealerships are usually $150 per hour. Contact your local wrecking yard or glass shop and get quotes.


Answer by  Brad50 (128)

Labor will vary but you can expect to pay a proffesional around 30-60 dollars an hour. The dealership will probably charge closer to 60 dollars an hour.


Answer by  worker9438 (11)

the labor cost to install a left rear window regulator in a Mercedes 230.. the price in india are RS. 2500 and in united states of america are 60$ and in united kingdom 21 pounds approximate.


Answer by  HRQ (14)

Well labor costs in united states is around 60$. But dealerships may charge 150$ per hour. So it depends on you. You can either try scrap yards or wrecking yards and glass shops to confirm the prices.

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