Question by  JD26 (17)

What is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas about?


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

This non-canonical (not part of official church doctrine) Gospel dates to the mid-2nd century Syria, but it isn't thought to be part of the Gnostic Gospels. The text deals with Jesus's childhood, going into detail about his youth and the miracles he performed during infancy and before the age of 12.


Answer by  douglus (190)

The infancy gospel of Thomas is the gospel of unbelieving before they see. Thomas wanted to see the scars of Jesus before believing that He has risen. Like Thomas of the bible, some Christians need to see for them to believe, which is hard. That is why Jesus said that blessed are those who believe without seeing.


Answer by  squirt (193)

It's about "the human" Christ learning compation. It's most notable story involves Christ cursing birds to death and then ressurecting them. I read it in "Lost Scriptures" by Bart Ehrman

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