Question by  prema (14)

What is gospel music in a nutshell?


Answer by  benstac (1928)

Gospel music is a form of Christian music with roots coming from Africa and Europe. It is found more frequently in the Southern United States in African American Christian churches. Often times, there are strong voices that perform solos or duos with a harmony from a choir. A theme of God or brotherly love is most popular in gospel music.


Answer by  sanken1charternet (31)

Gospel music is "church" music. The lyrics are written around Biblical stories. The beat is usually quite upbeat and gets one's toes tapping or hands clapping. Many people consider Southern Baptist songs to be considered "gospel music" because it is Biblical and has a strong beat that gets one's feet stomping and hand's clapping.


Answer by  dagj91 (5)

Gospel music is written to express feelings about Christ. It is also used in rituals for antiant civilizational. I like gospel music. I normally listen to gospel music when I'm alone so people don't make fun of me. My family is Jewish and don't really listen to this type of music.


Answer by  brooksruppe (22)

It's music about Christ like experiences and how to express it through music,this music comes in many forms such as Country ,Rock, Blues, and Soul. This style of music is performed in Christian churches around the world and also played on radion stations,it has a music genre of it's own a very unique sound.


Answer by  Joel (82)

Southern, country styled music that has an emphasis on the Christian faith. It includes guitars, banjo's, steel guitars, fiddles and other "country" styled instruments.

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