Question by  112742 (67)

What is the history of electroconvulsive therapy?

Is it dangerous?


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Invented by Ugo Cerletii and Lucio Bini, Rome, 1937. Originally intended to treat schizophrenia, but was too dangerous and unstable. Even today with different drugs to help counter act the convulsions, it is still very dangerous and painful. Some patients result to suicide after treatment.


Answer by  Estkileoto (27)

Electroconvulsive therapy was not uncommon during the past century, particularly in the US, but usually as a treatment of last resort for patients who do not respond to other therapies, in part because it is dangerous and may result in rather severe side effects that require medical attention. It is less common today, partly due to better drug therapies.


Answer by  ismsarebad (24)

Electroconvulsive therapy was introduced in the early fifties as a way to control the behavior of people who were considered risks to society.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Electro-convulsive therapy used to be more dangerous than it is now. These days, you wouldn't be strapped to a chair and electrocuted while awake. It would be a procedure done while you were under general anesthesia and it would be much less invasive, painful, or dangerous than the old procedure.


Answer by  JP98 (57)

ECT has been used for many years, often times in ways that it never should have been. It used to be a catch-all treatment for disorders like schizophrenia, behavior problems, and other delusional disorders. It used to be more dangerous but technology upgrades have made it safer. It is now almost exclusively used for Major Depressive Disorder.

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