Question by  arunil (66)

What is the healthiest soup on the market?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The "healthiest" soup depends on your requirements. People on restricted sodium diets would look for low or no sodium soups, while the weight conscious would pay more attention to the calorie content. Others sill might focus on the carbs per serving. Determine what works best for and read the labels carefully.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Progresso soup is probably the healthiest soup on the market with less of everything in it like calories, fats, sugars, and stuff like that.


Answer by  Bnr (20)

Mullaguthani Soup: (Indian) I have seen this soup people just love to enjoy, basically this soup content of lentil and curry leaf, turmeric,pepper,mustard,ginger,cumin like all of this healthy for the human life. this soup can be done veg and non-veg too. specially in US- all the Indian Restaurant we can find this recipe.


Answer by  Benny (11)

I think Progresso soup is the healthiest soup on the market. I feel like their advertisements show how they have less MSG and sodium than other soups like Campbells. Plus, the portions are heartier which means that I can eat it as a main course instead of a side dish.


Answer by  mc (74)

The Healthy Choice brand of soup seems to be pretty healthy. Low sodium and low fat, although it doesn't taste that great, not bad really, but kind of bland.


Answer by  Moi (88)

Healthy Choice is one of the most popular. But any brand that has low sodium, low fat and low carb content is a good choice.

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