Question by  rashmi67 (26)

What is the Fair Trade Logo?


Answer by  Dean (4035)

The Fairtrade Foundation has specific standards for businesses, including local sustainability, fair prices for workers, decent working conditions, etc. An enterprise who abides the standards outlined by the FTF can use the consumer label/logo on its promotional and market material. The Fairtrade label was launched in 1988 and is in use in 20 countries.


Answer by  pina (46)

There are several logo's, but a widely used one has the form of the symbol of yin-yang, in with the left side in green and the right side in blue.


Answer by  AJAX75 (16)

The Fair Trade logo is seen on products which were built using fair trade labor practices. This means the employees who made the product were well paid and well treated.


Answer by  SolusLupus (33)

According to different sources, it's suppose to be a cheering person. The cheering person represents both the producers of the fairtrade object and the consumer, who is making a positive impact on fairtrade products.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

The Fair Trade Logo is a logo that indicates that coffee beans were purchased under the Fair Trade model, so that coffee bean farmers aren't selling their beans for too cheap.

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