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Question by  kbays (17)

What is the economical way to redo counter tops?


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

A great way to redo countertops, which is what we did in our kitchen is to cover it with cermaic tile. Setting the ceramic tile is pretty simple, and it really freshens up your kitchen. It doesn't cost too much as you can get tile for pretty reasonable prices.


Answer by  geetloaf (61)

Cut pieces of plywood of the desired thickness to fit the existing cabinets and screw down using drywall screws. Install any variety of tile over the top to finish.


Answer by  carrots (156)

There are several ways to redo counter tops one would be to paint your counter tops with a special paint to do this. I have seen it and it looks nice, but I don't know how durable that would be.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

Visit your local Habitat for Humanity reStore for inexpensive new countertops, and remove your old countertop yourself with a few swift smacks of the hammer to the underside.


Answer by  goldfishlady (207)

There are companies that will fit a new counter top right over the old one and that eliminates the needs for demolishing the old. That saves money. Also using tile over the existing counter top is a good money saver. Probably the best way to save money is to see if you can do it yourself.


Answer by  jbuhr06 (126)

The most economical method of replacing counter tops is to remove the formica top and replace it with a new formica sheets. An easier and also economical method for is to cover them with tile.

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