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Question by  Anonymous

What is the easiest way to learn to throw a frisbee?

sometimes it goes straight, but it usually veers off course... so frustrating!


Answer by  Paula (20)

I have found that Frisbee is one of those things that you just need to practice to get better at. Try setting up a target on a fence. Stand close to the target and try to hit it. As you hit the target, keep moving back until you improve your accuracy.


Answer by  lulu (20)

The best way to learn how to throw a frisbee is just to do it. It helps to read some tutorials or watch an instructional DVD, but nothing compares to getting out there and throwing the disc around. Pay attention to your stance, finger position and the angle at which you throw the disc. Practice makes perfect!


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

when i throw a frisbee, it usually curves in one direction (to the right), so all i have to remember is to overcompensate the angle that i release it at. as long as i remember to overcompensate, then it flies relatively straight.


Answer by  abisind (22)

A good-quality Frisbee with proper weight and obstacle-free area are essential to play a Frisbee game. Regularly practice aiming by twisting wrist against body with elbow facing outwards. Stabilize the Frisbee before throwing it. Effortless throwing of the Frisbee and balancing it with plenty of training is necessary to throw a Frisbee right at the target.

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