Question by  mitch (18)

Is there an easy way to identify bee species by appearance?

I'm interested in learning methods of identification for bees around my area. How do I do this?


Answer by  usha (30)

No, there is not an easy way to find the species of bee by appearance as most kind of bees are of same color and size


Answer by  Mystwatcher (55)

Typically, different types of bees have different body structures. Hornets are far longer and have different wing types compared to the smaller honeybees or yellow jackets. You can do additional research on the web to discover differences in coloration, wingspan, and body structure.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

It is very difficult to determine a bee species without using a microscope to study the smallest details of the bee. The best way to learn to identify bees by appearance is to get a guide on bee species that will categorize species by color and design.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Bees are very difficult to identify on sight alot of different bees look almost identical the best way I have found to do it is to go more by size than appearance.


Answer by  sujikuti (31)

Bees may not generate as many oohs and aahs as butterflies or hummingbirds. Unlike birds and butterflies, they are small, fast flyers. Bees are responsible for pollination of native plants.

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