Question by  DANI42 (17)

What is the difference between the web browsers?

This includes IE and FireFox.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Each web browser has different features that set them apart from one another. Firefox was the first to offer the other tab and other window feature that IE has since copied. Firefox will also do a search from a word or set of words typed into the address bar while IE and Opera will not.


Answer by  sadasada (146)

The main difference between IE, FireFox, and Google Chrome is layout and functions. Google Chrome and Firefox both allow extensions; Google Chrome's navigation bar can be used as google search.


Answer by  LuxFlowz (69)

As far as web browsing itself, there is little to no difference between Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Some claim one is faster than the other, but that is all nonsense.


Answer by  D74 (43)

Firefox is much faster than the Explorer. More reliable and i think user friendly. I like one thing on Google Chrome that all web sites are on different process and when one site is not OK than that proccess is crashing, and its not situation on firefox or explorer.


Answer by  tbird (732)

The main difference is they were created by different companies or persons. IE is what is loaded on the majority of computers when it comes from the factory, so it is most used browser. Firefox does offer open source, tabbed browsing, and exclusive add-ons that IE doesn't have.


Answer by  khemraj (28)

I think there is no difference between IE and Mozilla from testing point of view. Some tools doesn't support Mozilla browser(For e. G qtp)

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