Question by  SaiPriya (26)

What is the best rated web browser on the market?

I am no longer happy with the browser I am using and would like information on an alternative.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

With a wide variety of features and functionality, browsers are not one-size-fits-all. However, I prefer Firefox and believe it is probably the most popular browser.


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

The top two internet browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The best way to decide which is right for you is download them and try them.


Answer by  Lacey (111)

Opera is the best for usability since it is easy to use and very visually appealing. Firefox is the most expandable and since add-ons are created on a daily basis. Firefox is also the best performing browser since it doesn't tie up the computer. I prefer Firefox.


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

I currently have Google Chrome and I love it and I know that they have received some very great reviews. Another good web browser choice would be Firefox. They have a great interface as well.


Answer by  hashbrown64 (221)

The major web browsers competing in the market today are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Generally, Internet Explorer is not rated as well as others. Firefox users are very loyal, and Firefox is typically rated very highly. However, Chrome is making a run at the top, and has been steadily gaining users since its release a few years ago.


Answer by  Kumarksk (22)

I myself use the google chrome browser because I do a lot of google. To search in google I can directly type in chrome and this will yield me search results. And these days IE has become very slow.

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