Question by  mahendran (36)

What is the difference between isopropyl and denatured alcohol?


Answer by  mateypeeps (71)

Isopropyl Alcohol, (CH3)2CHOH, is based on Propane, and does not make you drunk, just dead. Ethyl Alcohol (also called Ethanol), C2H5OH, is based on Ethane. Denatured Alcohol is just Ethyl Alcohol which has poison added to stop people drinking it. This means it is cheaper as there is no tax to pay. Both are poisonous.


Answer by  anrimala36 (208)

Isopropyl alcohol, chemical formula C3H8O is most commonly called "rubbing alcohol." It is not meant for human consumption. Denatured alcohol is ethanol, chemical formula C2H6O, that has something added to it to make it undrinkable, usually so that the company can avoid liquor fees even if their product is not intended for drinking. Ethanol is the alcohol we drink.


Answer by  dsmith42 (371)

Isopropyl alcohol is the 3 carbon alcohol that has the alcohol group off the middle carbon, so CH3(COH)CH3. Denatured alcohol is regular alcohol (ethanol) to which an adulterant has been added to make the alcohol undrinkable because it is now toxic. Common adulterants are methanol and acetone.


Answer by  Young55 (70)

"Denatured alcohol" is ethanol (drinkable alcohol) mixed with poisonous substances, such as methanol, to prevent recreational use. Isopropyl alcohol is a different type of alcohol, often used as cleaning fluid.


Answer by  Sharyq1 (63)

Isopropyl is an isomer of the alcohol Propanol. It is a normal alcohol except that its structural formula is different. Denatured Alcohol is ethanol thats poisoned and sometimes even dyed.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

Isopropyl alcohol is alcohol that contains three carbons with single bonds between the carbon atoms. Denatured alcohol is made by adding another small carbon chain alcohol to another alcohol so that it is not pure. Common alcohols that may be added are isopropyl, methanol or ethanol.

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