Question by  elsewhen (627)

What is the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r?


Answer by  Nadine (206)

DVD-R and DVD+R are derived from CD-R format. DVD-R is the direct successor and there for older than DVD+R. Not all DVD players play both DVD-R and DVD+R. Check your instruction manual to see which yours is capable of using.


Answer by  Svartsinn (8)

The differenced between DVD-R and DVD+R are the price, the format and ability to rewrite over the data, and the way the recorder manages defects. Also, DVD-R is offially approved by the standards group DVD Forum, while the DVD+R are instead supported by the DVD+RW Alliance.


Answer by  sightlistener (24)

A DVD-R is in a format that's compatible with the older version DVD players, and a DVD+R is in a format that's compatible with most, but not all newer DVD Players. Once the discs are recorded on, the information CANNOT be deleted, or changed.

Reply by Goosebeat (26):
Why then does it say on the DVD container in front of me DVD ReWritable?  add a comment
Reply by SriLanka (264):
to Goosebeat: REwriteable DVDs are another subclass... not all blank DVDs are rewritable, in fact, most are not. I don't think the data is as secure on a rewritable DVD, so if you want your data to last a long time, you are best using a "WORM" disc.  add a comment

Answer by  corihendon48 (17)

The two types of DVD storage hold the same amount of data but store it in different formats. DVD+R's are a more reliable technology due to minor updates from DVD-R but, overall the users will not be able to notice any differences in the technologies.

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