Question by  sfuhrman (46)

Is there a difference between emulators and ROMS?

What is the difference?


Answer by  Advocate (175)

An emulator is a program which lets one system (such as a PC) act as another (such as a Super Nintendo.) A ROM is the image of the original data cartridge, disc, etc. which contains the game data and is used to play the game through an emulator.


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

Emulators are the programs that run the games; the ROMS are the games themselves. Think of it like a DVD player and a DVD - it's essentially the same relationship here as well.


Answer by  Deniemo (34)

There is a big diference between emulators and roms,Emulators are programs that are used to mimic a platform for explame SEGA Genesis,ROM-s are data containers (simulated game catrages,simulated flopy's or hard disks) the end Emulator's are simulated devices,ROM's are simulated storige.


Answer by  momofthree17 (9)

An emulator and a ROM are two different things and are nothing alike. An emulator simulates other systems and then makes older software compatible with your computer. ROMS are small chips in your computer that store information.

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