Question by  jbl7894 (16)

What is the difference between CDR and CD-R?

I see it written both ways.


Answer by  nugzin2040 (48)

There is no difference, it's just a different way of writing it. They both are discs that can burn information, but only one time.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

There is no difference between CD-R and CDR. They both mean the same thing: Compact (or Computer) Disc, Recordable. These disks may only be "written", which means to be recorded on, once. CD-RW stands for Compact Disc Re-Writeable, and unlike CD-Rs, these disks may be "written" on more than once.


Answer by  DrHarris (508)

There is no difference between the two. The most correct form is CD-R, denoting that it is a CD that happens to be recordable. CDR is the same thing, but just omits the hyphen.


Answer by  Swift (108)

There's really no difference, they both refer to Readable Compact Disc. It is just sometimes spelled CDR instead of CD-R, which is the more often used term.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Cd-r and cdr are one in the same. Both names refer to a recordable cd that can only be written to once opposed to a cdrw which can be re-written.

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