Question by  NoahEdema (58)

What is the difference between baseball shoes and soccer shoes?


Answer by  Josh92 (31)

Baseball cleats have an extra spike in the toe area and are illegal to use in the game of soccer. Baseball shoes tend to last longer then soccer shoes as well because you don't do as much running in baseball shoes as you do in soccer shoes. You can use soccer shoes in baseball but not the other way around.


Answer by  alz (2329)

While they are both cleats, baseball cleats would be illegal in soccer because there is metal in the spikes. Soccer can't have that.


Answer by  yayfootball (31)

Baseball shoes have metal cleats and are made to protect the foot from injury. Soccer shoes have plastic cleats and are light to be able to run fast.


Answer by  Ramakrishna (25)

A cleat is a shoe that are designed for these sports. The main difference is extra spike on the toe of baseball cleats. In soccer,the toe is round with no cleat.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

This depends on the age group wearing the shoes, but in general, baseball shoes have metal spikes to help the runner dig through the dirt and soccer shoes have plastic spikes or blades to help cut and not slip in grass. Also, some soccer shoes offer additional padding to help when kicking.


Answer by  mg (219)

Baseball shoes have spikes designed for digging into dirt, giving runners traction around the basepaths. Soccer shoes have rubber cleats for traction on grass.

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