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Question by  claire (34)

Can track lighting be put on a dimmer?


Answer by  kaf2050 (94)

Track lighting may be placed on a dimmer. It will have to be wired to a dimmer switch. Follow instructions as the wattage on some bulbs may be too high.


Answer by  nylightingdesigner (29)

Track lighting can be put on a dimmer. Determine whether the fixture is line voltage or low voltage, and make sure that the dimmer is sized to handle the total amount of wattage it is controlling. For example, a track with five 100 watt fixtures will need a dimmer designated for 500 or more watts.


Answer by  harper66 (23)

Yes! Putting track lighting on a dimmer is an attractive way to set the atmosphere in your home. Most dimmer kits are easily obtained at home improvement stores. The installation is well within the ability of most do-it-yourself homeowners.


Answer by  lawnmowerman (94)

yes it can but be sure the amount of wattage drawn by bulbs does not excede your dimmer switch rating. go with a heavier duty dimmer switch just incase


Answer by  LauraL (25)

Yes it can. I had it done in my son's room, over his bed. I purchased the lighting at my local Home Expo store, and hired a licensed electrition to do the work. The cost was minimal.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

Yes a dimmer can be installed. Turn off all power, uncover the old switch plate to expose the wires. Reconnect the wires to the dimmer switch. Turn the power back on.

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