Question by  vothiquynhyen (41)

What is the difference between a wireless modem and a wireless router?


Answer by  Sivir (172)

A modem allows you to connect to the internet through either a cable or a DSL connection. A Router allows you to spread this connection to other computers and devices so that they can use the internet too. They both do so wirelessly! You would only need a modem if you have one computer and don't plan to share.


Answer by  Sara55 (34)

The difference is that a wireless modem will allow one device to connect wirelessly to a network like the internet and wireless router will allow you to share that connection wirelessly to multiple devices


Answer by  posti (99)

Wireless modem has a modem and a wireless router so you can plug it into your operator's network. Wireless router needs a separate modem or local network to connect to.


Answer by  Swift (108)

The real question is 'What's the difference between any modem and any router'. The trick is, a modem allows for the connecting of only one machine, while a router allows multiple machines to connect to the Internet simultaneously. Likewise, a wireless modem will only support one wireless connection, while a wireless router often has up to 20 available connections.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A modem is used for a computer to connect to the network established by your isp to access the internet. A router is a device installed in a network that allow compute to share a single internet connection. Without the modem there would be no internet connection.

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