Question by  worker6025 (9)

What is the difference between a dried plant and one that has been left out too long?

For example: If I leave lettuce on the counter, it dries out. I shouldn't use it as a seasoning.


Answer by  AlleyCat (96)

Not all plants can be used in dried form therefore it is important to know which type of plants can be used in dried states. Dried plants are usually cut and hung upside down to totally dry out and will be crisp to the touch so they are easily crumbled for seasonings.


Answer by  mary151 (5)

A dried plant is one that you intentionally dry to preserve it. A plant that is left out too long is spoiled.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

No you should not because even though it looks dried out on the outside the inside will turn to slime and tha can be toxic if eatn.

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