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Question by  quack14 (1)

I dyed my hair sunburn but left it in too long and my roots are now auburn. What do I do?

How long till I can dye it again?


Answer by  perfectlocks (87)

All you can do is get a darker version of the same color and apply it only to the roots. The color did not get lighter because you left it a long time. Roots are lighter because the hair color you used has high ammonia in the ingredients which is accelerated by heat which in this case your body/head heat.


Answer by  cariann717 (57)

You can actually dye your hair right away. It's highly suggested that you use a color stripper, which can be found in many stores such as Walmart or Rite Aid, and then re-dye it. This ensures that the dye will permeate your hair.

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