Question by  cbo (17)

What is the "Covenant with Black America"?

Is this just more propaganda against the President?


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

The covenant with black america can be described as a book with various essays of plans of action to address concerns of african americans such as housing, health and education. It doesn't seem like it's propaganda against the president. It exists as a way for african americans to think about various problems in thier communities.


Answer by  symister (47)

Covenant with Black America is an agenda created by Tavis Smiley to make the government address issues that are important to African Americans.


Answer by  vinny (15)

Indeed not only is this statement so segregating but also another major negative attack on the president. What is wrong with one being a black American? We are living in a post-information age, where one is supposed to be judged not by his race but by the content of his character.

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