Question by  mybabyjazz (88)

What is the correct massage technique to get rid of a headache?


Answer by  LaneyRae (115)

You should be firm but gentle. There are helpful pressure points at the base of your neck, the flesh between your thumb and index finger, mid-forehead, and around your eye sockets.


Answer by  mistika (121)

Apply pressure to your temples (sides of your forehead), as well as to nasal bridge area, occipital lobes (base of skull) and sinus' (cheek bones)


Answer by  RachelW (932)

Massage of the temples (on the forehead above and out from the eyes) and of the neck and shoulders can help to relieve a headache. Particularly in the neck and shoulders, gentle heat can help along with the massage.


Answer by  lisarieza (23)

i usually had a bad headache, i just make a massage from from my eyes go up to my head, or sometimes i just press my small and ring finger, because there is a nerve connected to it base on the reflexology diagram that i read. hope these will help.

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