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Question by  bitsandbytes2001 (9)

What are some deep tissue massage techniques for spinal stenosis?


Answer by  charline (13)

Some examples of deep tissue massage techniques are: 1)Swedish massage: a massage to lift the pain and it consists of a range of light effleurages to deep cross friction techniques 2)Acupressure: a chinese technique that resembles to acupuncture but it uses pressure with the hands.


Answer by  ameen (78)

Techniques available for releasing nerve entrapment or pressure points.Standard massage therapy is done slowly by applying a little more pressure with each stroke by palm in place where is muscle tension.Another method involves the masseuse using the tips of the fingers and the elbow to give a deep massage to a muscle.Use of massaging Tol is another concerns.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Deep Tissue massage techniques that work the best are Long deep strokes on the muscle tissue and acupressure which is applying deep pressure in one spot and than releasing.

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