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Question by  brain (24)

What are some simple massage techniques?

I told my new boyfriend I would give him a massage.


Answer by  abc123567 (19)

Some simple massage techniques are to start at the scalp and use your finger tips to massage the head. Then gently rub the temples in a circular motion. Next move onto the neck and back and squeeze! Go along the spine using your pointer and middle fingers.


Answer by  nathan88 (47)

Simple techniques would include using some sort of massage oil or lotion you may have at home. Have him lie down on the bed face down with skin showing. While over top of him, start with some lotion or oil on his upper back. Press this liquid into his skin and slowly move it down his back making rolling motion.


Answer by  spadayz (6)

If someone wants a massage, simply the fact that you are obliging is usually enough for the person. Try a few of these tips: -Heat up massage stones or oil and rub into muscles -Look up reflexology points -Find out what type of pressure is preferred -Ask about any sensitive areas to avoid


Answer by  unseen (150)

There are so many simple ways to give a message, for starters there is the karate chop technique, where you use the outside edge of your hand (but carefully not like you are trying to chop wood. I hope this helps

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