Question by  MommyMania (15)

What is the climate of St. Lucia?


Answer by  susan34 (8)

St. Lucia is hot and tropical all year long with the average daily temperature of 80 degrees tempered by tradewinds. Rainy season is June to November.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

The climate of St Lucia is very warm and rainy. The climate is also very humid. Bring an umbrella and a fan!


Answer by  skipikwik (4)

St. Lucia has a tropical climate with a dry winter and spring and a wet summer and fall. It is generally warm compared to other parts of the world.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

december-May is the driest and coolest time, with day temperatures in the 70s-80s F/23-32 C and night temperatures in the 60s-70s F/15-27 C. During the hottest time of year (June-August), daytime temperatures can reach the 90s F/32-37 C. The rainy season is June-November, but don't expect a constant downpour.

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