Question by  Dana46 (2345)

What is the Christmas tradition that involves a pickle?

I have a friend who loves pickles.


Answer by  dbogulski (17)

You are to hide the pickle lastly on the tree and as the days go on family members are supposed to look for the hidden pickle among the ornaments. It works best if your tree is loaded with decorations. Otherwise it might stick out like a sour thumb. Happy Pickling!


Answer by  jessgirl2 (319)

When I was little, my dad found a pickle ornament that came with a story. The story said that the pickle was supposed to be the last ornament hung on the tree on Christmas Eve. Then, the first kid to find the pickle would get an extra gift from Santa.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

A pickle-shaped ornament is hidden in the Christmas tree. Whoever finds it first wins a small prize. No one knows where the tradition started, but it's frequently associated with Bavaria.


Answer by  pkinnaird (15)

Legend has it that the Christmas tradition involving a pickle-shaped ornament started in Germany. The story goes that the special ornament would be the last one to be hung on the Christmas tree, and in fact it would be hidden in the boughs. The first person to find the pickle on Christmas day would have good luck that year!

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