Question by  SarahJane (114)

What is the Canadian postage rate?


Answer by  caveman (7)

The current Canadian postage rate is 57 cents for letters within Canada. The current Canadian postage rate is 1.00$ for letters to the USA and the postage rate for international letters is 1.70$.


Answer by  Johnny59 (20)

The Canadian postage rate is $0.57 for standard domestic lettermail, $1 for standard lettermail to the United States, and $1.70 for standard international mail. Larger parcel sizes vary in price.


Answer by  colcastle (6)

Mailing a standard letter within Canada costs $0.57 (cdn). Other types of mail are shipped by weight. To the US costs $1.00, and it is $1.70 internationally.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

The Canadian postage rate just went up this January, a nickel from one dollar and sixty five to one dollar seventy


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

The current postage rate as of January 11, 2010 for dosmetic mail is 57 cents. Mailing to US is 1 dollar and International rate is $1.70

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