Question by  rjprelude (20)

What information can you provide me on Canadian medicine?

What is the difference between Canadian medicine and American Medicine?


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Canadian medicine is made by the same manufacturing companies as US medicine. The same standards are maintained, so the medicine is chemically equivalent in every way. As a result of the national healthcare, though, Canadian pharmacies and drug companies aren't allowed to gouge the public, so theirs is much cheaper.


Answer by  JodiJ (312)

The medications offered through Canada must meet their regulatory board's guidelines which are very similar to American medicine. Canada does have cost controls that we don't have in the U. S.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Canadians have a system of universal health care while Americans have a system of private and public health insurers. Canadian medicine ensures access to health care for all, but does have a waiting system for routine care. The benefits of health care must be proven before adoption. American medicine is based on the latest science and the ability to pay.

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