Question by  Pochi (15)

What is the caloric content of shrimp?

I am planning a low-cal menu.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

In about 3 ounces of shrimp there are about 90 calories and very little to no fat. This translates to about 6 calories per each medium sized shrimp and about 5 calories per each small sized shrimp. This information is before the shrimp is cooked, adding fat to the pan increases calories.


Answer by  thisismenow (69)

Shrimp are a low cal source of protein. Generally speaking a 4oz serving of cooked shrimp (with no added ingredients)is around 80 calories. 4oz of shrimp is normally about 10 pieces. Enjoy your meal!


Answer by  littlelauren (42)

Most species contain about 80 to 90 calories for a 3 oz serving. However, frying shrimp can cause the calorie count to almost triple. Shrimp are also low in carbs and high in omega 3's.


Answer by  diamondz (14)

if you grill the shrimp the calory will be so low like 40 to 50 but if fried it will be more like 200c. The shrimp is very good diet food, but if you add cream or oil to it it will have a whole lot more calories.


Answer by  kayleen (128)

I think that if you are eating fresh shrimp the caloric content will depend on how it is cooked or what you are using with it.

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