Question by  Drain1Sth (23)

How do I barbecue pork steaks?

I would like to surprise my husband by making barbecue pork steaks for his birthday.


Answer by  Kagie1 (85)

Place steaks in glass baking dish, cover with marinade: 1 Vadalia Onion; 1/2TSP. of red pepper; 3/4 C. lime juice; S&P. Cover, refrigerate 3 hours. Grill 7-10 min. per side.


Answer by  worker3887 (96)

you clean the meats and you add any kind of seasoning you like. Then, you apply the barbecue sauce and you can bake or put them on the grill.


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

The easiest thing for you to do would be to either buy or make BBQ sauce. You can make BBQ sauce using garlic, ketchup, honey, and whatever other spices you like. Then you want to grill the steaks until they are 165 degrees.

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