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Question by  llfredericks (36)

What is the best way to remove sod?

I need to remove a section of sod from the back yard in order to put in new landscaping.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The way you put it in is the way you take it out- best method is to spade in, cut into sections and turf it out. You can rent a sodcutter if your area doesn't have a lot of rocks and roots. Please do NOT use herbicides, easy is not best- you affect future growth in your yard, including children.


Answer by  Wayne (129)

Use a flat head shovel and get about two inches below the surface and take out a shovel head at a time until you get the desired amount of area removed.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

Just use a shovel that has a flat head on it and then just remove it three inches below the surface. You want to dig hard and deep. That is the best way.


Answer by  mcoyle (35)

Use a flat edge shovel to cut out squares that go down at least 3". Then lift the cut section up and remove to a tarp or trash bag.


Answer by  Leslie90 (66)

Water the sod to soften the dirt, cut it into parallel strips, and use a spade or a square shovel to lift the sod. Roll it up and move it.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Water section a few days ahead so it will be moist, not soggy, and it will be easier to dig up. Shovel small sections out, making sure it is at least 3" deep. You can rent or buy a sod cutter; this is good for larger areas. Sod will live for several weeks kept damp/cool. Add unwanted sod to compost.


Answer by  adamzang (16)

The best way to remove sod is with a flat shovel purchased from the local hardware store. Employ your children to do most of the work while you sit back and enjoy an Arnold Palmer.

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