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Question by  mturk67 (15)

What is the best way to learn hip hop dance moves?


Answer by  Sarah3837 (7)

The best way to learn hip hop dance moves depends on your skill level. If you are a complete dance novice taking a hip hop class would be the best way to learn. Most community rec centers offer hip hop. If you have some dance experience try finding videos on the internet that break down hip hop dance moves.


Answer by  TrulyHonest (123)

The best way to learn hip hop is by taking a class. You can learn properly from an experienced teacher. If you don't have the money, there are videos on you tube and dvds that can help you obtain the skills that you are looking for. Either way you will learn!


Answer by  karebeer (429)

Go to a hip hop club and watch and try the moves that you are seeing! Its a fun way to learn!


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

The best way is to go to a class. That way you can take it slow and get help with specifics. You can also learn from a cd but it may be a little harder.


Answer by  Lorah (114)

I took a class called Zumba, it's a dancing excersize class that lasts up to an hour long. It's a mix between latin and hip hop, its alot off fun. Or try youtube and look up how to hip hop dance :)


Answer by  StaceyW (251)

You can find a dance studio where you like and take dance lessons. Or you could watch music videos and study the moves.


Answer by  StephenM41 (19)

The way I learned most of my hip hop dance moves is just by watching and studying videos very closely. Everything from the moves of feet, placement, etc.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

Emulation of the hip hop videos will hone your hip hop dance moves. It will help enhance the muscle memory required to do them.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

You had better find a suitable personal coach to teach you regularly, although it may cost you more.Your dance will meet the general standard and look elegantly.

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