Question by  Hundchen (107)

What is the best way to kill silverfish?

I have them in my bathroom but they disappear under the counter when I try to squish them.


Answer by  Redhdz (527)

Killing silverfish is not easy because they are nocturnal. They eat books, photos and other starchy things. They like dark damp areas. Remove the dark damply areas and they will have to move on. Boric acid will work. There are other chemicals you can also purchase that works.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Make sure that your bathtub, shower are rinsed cleaned when you are done with them. Be sure that the your bathroom is clean and picked up, as well. Keep the bathroom door open a crack or open a window so that humidity can escape from the bathroom. If you want to capture them, trap them in a smal glass container.

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