Question by  chelsea (20)

What is the best way to go about crate training my labrador retriever?


Answer by  Keith (130)

Cover the crate with a blanket to create a cave effect. Reward your dog with a treat and praise. Practice this at least 20 times to reinforce good behavior.


Answer by  CrazyBeautifulMe (45)

Feed your dog in the crate with the door open, then gradually withdraw the food. by that time your dog is already used to the crate and he/she will be more willing to go inside it.


Answer by  wokingdragon (56)

Initially encourage them in with food (try feeding them in the crate), with the door open, until they are happy to be in there, then gradually withdraw the food.


Answer by  mishellina (23)

Dogs will not make a mess where they sleep. Be sure to block off any part of the crate that the bed will not occupy.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Make the crate fun maybe more fun than being out of the crate and when you start only do it for short periods of time.

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