Question by  ricky (25)

What is normal behavior for a border collie labrador retriever mix?


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

High energy and intelligence which means the ability to do things that are destructive (chewing up valuables). This dog is probably highly trainable and needs a job to do.


Answer by  Kris (797)

These dogs are incredibly smart and eager to please. They like lots of exercise, but are less hyper than the border collie. They are very loyal and easy to train.


Answer by  worker54 (75)

Usually they are affectionate, calm and loyal to their owner, their exercise level is moderate, they do not play rough.


Answer by  PrncsPrple (237)

The border collie part is going to make your dog a very active dog. To prevent unwanted behavior, remember it's a working dog, needs lots of exercise.

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