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Question by  catonem (38)

What is the best way to dispose of dog poop in the yard?

I do not have a dog.


Answer by  Jon26 (28)

The best way is to pick it up with a shovel and place it in a plastic bag, I use the ones I get grocery shopping. You can then throw these away like any trash.


Answer by  dogfancier (201)

Do not compost pet waste as it will kill your plants. The best way to dispose of dog waste is to pick it up in a bag and put it in the garbage. There are companies that will come to your house and dispose of the waste for you for a fee.


Answer by  Brald (165)

For the enviornment it is best to compost it. Or you can place it into a large biodegratable doggy bag and drop it in the regular trash.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Call the owner of the dog and tell them to come clean up after their dog. Or you can scoop it up and put it in a bag and put it out with your garbage the garbage company will take it no problem. Or you can start a compost pile and use it there.


Answer by  guyzer450 (188)

Utilize the dog scat and put it in your dirt, whether it be a flower garden or vegetable garden, the poop is fertilizer. Another good way to utilize this would be to work this into your yard.


Answer by  ElNino (11)

The best way to dispose of dog poo is to pick it up using a bag and then turning it inside out to keep the poo in.

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