Question by  wordsmith22 (13)

How can I make dogs stop pooping in my yard?

They are not my dogs.


Answer by  RM49 (274)

You could buy a commercial dog/cat scare. I don't recommend the ones they sell on TV. A friend of mine bought one and said it didn't work. You could also use a small fence.


Answer by  Gavy (111)

Well, barring building a fence to keep them out, you can try talking to the owners about keeping them on a leash. If they are unowned, call the SPCA. If that doesn't work, there are repellents you can purchase at the store to spray the lawn with.


Answer by  k99 (489)

To keep the neighborhood dogs from pooping in my yard I use a high pitch rodent whistle. I keep it plugged in outside on my front porch and it lets off a high pitched noise that dogs and rodents don't like.


Answer by  Moriah (29)

Probably the most effective way of stopping other dogs from using the bathroom in your yard is to have a fence to prohibit access. There are a variety of products that claim to deter other animals from being in your yard, however, there is little concrete evidence of their effectiveness.


Answer by  Samhain (115)

Although this may seen obvious, bet would be to get a fence, or some type of entry deter-ant. Bushes, lawn ornaments only go so far. Repellents can work, if you find the right one according to how much you might need. Quantities are also available either in store, or online.

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