Question by  beenthere (10)

What is the best way for communicating with a boyfriend?

I seem to have trouble communicating with my boyfriend, I need some help.


Answer by  StingRay (471)

The best fix for that is communication. That sounds kind of backward but if you express to him that you have trouble communicating with him and want to work on that, you will be well on your way to fixing the problem. If he won't work with you, he may not be the best match for you.


Answer by  smiyb277 (37)

Talking things out instead of hoping your boyfriend will guess what you feel and think. You need to read the individual, some like when you are straight out front, others like things sugar coated. Use the method of communication he response to well and convey what you want.


Answer by  Nicholas79 (38)

Tell him exactly what you are thinking. Many men, myself included, aren't always attuned to the signals women think are obvious. If you want your boyfriend to hear you, sit him down and tell him to listen. Then be truthful about what you are feeling. He'll listen.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

If you and your boyfriend don't connect and have anything to talk about, there's already something wrong. However, if it's you that just is shy and find it difficult to open up to people, that's something you have to overcome. Start out small by just telling him how you feel, then go into details.


Answer by  crasks (99)

They say a good communicator is a good listener. If you don't seem to understand each other, you probably don't hear what you are saying to each other. Women have the natural ability to hear the unsaid. Use it to communicate.


Answer by  vaniprakash (31)

Best way of communicating with your boyfriend is to call him... better.. talk to him personally. If you are having problems due to some misunderstanding, talk it out and clear it. In relationships, there should always be 2-way communication. Talk out everything else relationships start getting formal. Once you know about how each of you feels, relationships strengthen.

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