Question by  Bren (76)

What is the best virtual project manager software?

I am researching project management and am having an issue understanding what is the best one.


Answer by  denisanderson (6)

I have worked with many project manager software, and believe that Mircosoft Project is the best one out there. It comes with features like the Gantt chart, inactive tasks, automatic project scheduling as per changes made to tasks, it has a user friendly interface


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Projectlink by PTC is a commonly used software. So is Primavera, made by Oracle, and Microsoft Project, designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Project and Primavera often have to be set up on a Intranet or used with a document sharing software, which ProjectLink includes within its software already (including access to those outside of a company's Intranet).

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