Question by  steve73 (52)

What is the best vacuum to use on hardwood floors?

I can't use my carpet sweeper on the hardwood.


Answer by  joyceann (73)

I wouldn't use any type of vacuum. Even if there are some vacuums designed to use on hardwood floors you still might get scratches from the wheels. Instead, use a dust mop. A dust mop will prevent any type of scratches on your hardwood floors. Also, the clothe-like mop will pick-up more dust and lint and leave a great shine.


Answer by  Zach29 (153)

Although some vacuums offer a setting for bare floors, you may not be happy with the job it does. Try using a high-power cannister vacuum, such as a Shop Vac. It works well for those hard to reach corners and edges around baseboards that a regular carpet vacuum cannot reach.


Answer by  stephenk2010 (293)

The best type of vacuum cleaners to use on hardwood floors are the HEPA types. One highly recommended make and model of cleaner s the Eureka Sanitaire Commercial SC5845 Bagless. With its capacity to function as a commercial type of appliance, it contains a large dirt collector cup that can stretch up to ten feet.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

There are two different vacuum's that are great for hardwood floors. 1. A shop vac, these are the ones that look like a large canister, they can come with extend able tubes and a large piece to be used to clean large areas. 2. Swifter makes a great vacuum and mop combo.

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