Question by  stilldebugging (35)

What is the best treatment for mites on potted plants?


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Dip or spray plant foliage with inseticidal soaps, making sure to treat the underside of the leaves as well. This treatment should be done at least twice and 10 days apart to control newly-hatched mites as the eggs are resistant to most inseticides.


Answer by  MECooke (142)

Mites tend to be a pest on plants that are stressed by low humidity. Isolate the infested plant and treat with insecticide labeled for mites. Maintain a routine of misting with water to discourage the pests.


Answer by  cody (1331)

treating mites on potted plants is not that hard just make sure you find where they made there home and drown them in water or put a pesticide on your plant to kill them


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Rubbing alcohol is inexpensive and easily obtained. Mix half water and half rubbing alcohol in spray bottle. Spray plants several times a day. Make sure you spray leaf underside well.

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