Question by  worker7137 (20)

What is the best treatment for coronavirus in dogs?

My dogs were recently diagnosed with coronavirus, I need suggestions on things I can do to make them better.


Answer by  PetLover1 (69)

Coronavirus will clear itself up on its own in a few days. Just provide lots of water. It's best to let nature run its course unless perhaps in the case of a puppy. Puppy's could suffer more severely so should be brought to a vet.


Answer by  doggygirl (141)

Like all viruses, it has to run its course. Antibiotics do not directly affect the virus but may be recommended by your veterinarian to prevent secondary infections. Supportive care is recommended. If vomiting is occuring, nothing should be given orally and more aggressive treatments with your veterinarian may be necessary.


Answer by  surveyjeppson (90)

Treat the symptoms. For example the dog may need fluids for dehydration, medication for diarrhea and possibly antibiotics to control secondary infections. Give small quantities of food after the diarrhea stops.


Answer by  georgesmith (138)

You need to take your dogs to the vet so they can get the specialized medications you need. It may be expensive, but the life of your pet is worth so much more.

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