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Question by  Nrs (22)

What is the best treatment for cold sores?

I get cold sores once or twice a year, not only would I like to get rid of them I would like to prevent them.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There are balms made for cold sores. The old timers put a wet aspirin a few times a day on the sore and some used a dab of there own ear wax. Both treatments were said to have worked. There is no real way to prevent cold sores because some people are just prone to get them.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You can try to prevent future outbreaks by taking a lyseine supplement. Lysine for some reason helps to prevent recurring cold sore outbreaks. When you do get one, you can rinse your mouth with a salt water rinse to clean the area, and apply medication to heal and numb the area.


Answer by  consultant (24)

Best treatment for cold sores is using acyclovir cream on the sores. The reason for cold sores are mainly stress, vitamin deficiency and less sleep. Another reason is the attack of herpes virus when the body immune system is weak. Preventing cold sores is difficult though the frequency can be reduced by hygenic practices and avoiding excessive sun burns.


Answer by  Pod (39)

Several over the counter topical treatment options are availble, the ones that have antiviral medication in the creams will do the most good for an active cold sore. Preventing cold sores is difficult, the virus is permanent and will recure. Good diet, exercise, water intake, and frequent use of a lip balm may contribute to prevention.


Answer by  rtsgirl51405 (78)

I have used several different medicated lip balms,I found the best ones are abreva, and carmex.You wan to always keep something on the sore,if you leave it dry it will get worst.Usually before it pops up your lip will be tender when you run your tooth over it.When you feel that you should put something on. and keep it on.

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