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Question by  Lilly (42)

Can you kiss people who have a cold sore?

Is it safe to kiss my boyfriend when he has a cold sore.


Answer by  phatmaxk90 (146)

depending.. if u have herpes or not.. if u do.. go right ahead.. if not and u don't want it.. my guess is to stay away from it.. and don't sway away because all herpes isn't tranmitted sexually.. simplex type 1..


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

It is up to you. Cold sores are a form of the herpes simplex virus, usually type 1. Most people that have one cold sore will have them recur. Some people are immune to them. However, they are enough of a nuisance that my advice is to avoid the kiss.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Cold sores are blister like structures filled with infectious viral fluid. It is absolutely unsafe to kiss people having cold sore. These are contageous by direct skin to skin contact or by the fluid from the sore. So avoid kissing and having sex with your boy friend as both are unsafe.


Answer by  stiners (221)

A cold sore is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus. The infection is spread through contact, including kissing. Unless you want to end up with the virus as well, keep contact to a minimum, including no kissing. The good news is cold sores usually resolve in a week or two.

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