Question by  bob69 (82)

What is the best treatment for a toenail that has been ripped off?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Keep the wound covered and clean to stop infection. Once the wound has healed and is not so painful, leave well alone and let new toenail grow as long as there is no infection present. Use some moisturizer when the wound as healed to stop ingrowing toenail.


Answer by  Aces99 (137)

Keep your toe clean, but unless there is healing skin, like a scab, there really is no need to cover it up. However, pay attention as the nail grows back because there is a good chance it could become ingrown. If this happens the nail begins to grow into your toe and can easily become infected. I know from experience.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should consult with a podiatrist so that he can give you an antibiotic to ensure an infection does not set in. Other than that wait for regrowth.


Answer by  Kenny3243 (49)

If the inflicted toe is still bleeding, wrap it up tightly in gauze and go to a doctor. It will eventually heal, but keep it covered and clean.

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