Question by  waqeeullah (7)

What is the best thing to send when someone dies?


Answer by  sususu (866)

The best thing to do is to ask the family. Some families may be overrun with flowers that will sit in their garage for weeks. Others won't mind as much. Yet others may have specific requests in memory of the deceased.


Answer by  patti (29325)

In the way of a memorial, send a donation as requested by the family, or to a local charity. The family will be notified that you did, but not of the amount. Usually too many flowers show up, no one knows what to do with them, they die and are tossed out. It's a waste.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

Flowers and cards are very standard, although I always found it more touching to to go comfort someone else in person. Cards seem very impersonal to me.


Answer by  kf4vkp (295)

Flowers or a peace lily are typical, though it depends on the family as sometimes donations toward the funeral are requested if the death was unexpected as the family often has to pay some cash to the funeral home fairly quickly. A sympathy card if you didn't know the family that well is acceptable.

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