Question by  4lizzieb (120)

What is the best thing for a tourist to do in London?


Answer by  Tostao (27)

London is a walkable city. Take a walk through central London. Start on Oxford St., go down Regent St. to Piccadilly circus, then take a detour to Pall Mall or to Leicester Square. Look at the shops, look at the monuments and check out the pubs.


Answer by  spidersong (27)

I recently visited London for the first time and had a great experience. The first thing I did was ride a double-decker bus. It may seem like a cliche thing to do, but it gave me a great general overview of the city and gave me plenty of photo opps!

Reply by elsewhen (627):
I agree that the double deckers are a great way to see the city. go to the top floor of the bus, and try to get into the very front seat. the windows on the new buses are huge and you get an amazing view.  add a comment
Reply by elsewhen (627):
The double-deckers are particularly fun if its your first time visiting a country where they drive on the left. For the first few hours or even days, the fact that motorists drive on the other side is pretty discombobulating, but you get used to it.  add a comment

Answer by  somerset (801)

For a better overview of the city taking a double decker bus tour, and also a boat tour on the Themes is a good idea, particularly if your stay is short. After that you can go to specific locations depending on your interests.


Answer by  CarolMowthorpe (49)

London is a great place to visit! Popular tourist attractions include Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge, but my favorite place to visit is the Tower of London, that place is just steeped in history and is a fascinating way to spend a day.

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